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About Me

Mind Grapes is a term from the show 30 Rock that basically refers to one’s thoughts or mind. I thought it was appropriate for a blog since I’m not really much of a blogger/writer and feel like this site will end up being more of a repository of random thoughts and ideas. Professionally I’ve been in some sort of online/web/digital marketing since my last internship in college (16 years ago now), so much of my random thinking goes into digital marketing.

I’m often asked what I do as a hobby and my answer is usually “stuff on the web”. I like to experiment and test new ideas and technologies so that will be the topic of most of my posts. I’m also a big TV watcher, super hero enthusiast (comic book related material, not RLSHs), “married with 3 kids” type of person so I’m sure some of that will come up from time to time.

Me from Second Life

You can check out my LinkedIn profile if you are curious about where I have been or what I have done, but it all basically boils down to digital marketing of some sort. I’ve mostly worked for interactive agencies but spent a number of years working on “the client side” at Turner Entertainment. I was essentially in charge of producing great websites for not so great TV movies at TBS Superstation. It’s now just called TBS and they don’t do made-for-tv movies any more which makes me think they thought they were less than stellar as well.

I’m always interested in discussion and the exchange of ideas, so if you have any questions please let me know (contact me).

Ryan P. Tuttle


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