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Job Description – Be Awesome

I sat down the other day and thought about writing a description for a position we have open at work. I realized we already had a version of the description (PDF here) I wanted to write so I began to contemplate how I should update it or modernize it for what we want today. It made me wonder “what do we want?” I thought about some of the things I say in interviews…

“We’re looking for someone awesome first. Someone that will like what we do here (digital marketing) second. Then everything technical after.”

I also thought about the typical questions I get in an interview. A popular one is “what does the day to day look like?“. In a small fast growing digital agency no two days are the same so we usually answer that question in a round about way telling the candidate of the types of things they may be doing and the people they may work with.

I looked back at the original and wondered if it said/asked those simple things. It doesn’t really, or at least not in a simple, straightforward way. So I grabbed a note pad and tried to figure out how to tell a candidate what I wanted and what they would get in the simplest way possible. As I jotted lines down I noticed the difference between the casual handwriting vs the traditional form letter and realized I would rather work at a place with the former. That made me think that a job description, if more visual, should also give a hint at the company culture.

I took all of that and decided to try something new. Check out the alternate version here, or below.

In an ideal world I would have had a designer create this, maybe with some custom illustrations. However, I didn’t have the time and our creative team didn’t have space in their schedule. The output is, of course, the none professional version but does give a succinct outline of what I’m looking for and some of the things you may get through working with me. I’m obviously not the first person to do a visual job description but it was a first for me and this type of position (it may not work with every position).

Oh, and if this is a job you are actually interested in then please let me know:

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