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Nook for the win?!

So I have a new mobile device (more on that later) and was looking for ereader solutions. I figured I would end up using the Kindle app since most of my e-books are on our Kindle at home, not to mention that the Kindle has been the leader in the space for a while. I was enticed by the Google Books app, and looked at many third party ereaders but didn’t even think about the Nook till today.

I had only two main criteria for the ereader, assuming it displayed the text properly, 1) the ability to adjust the visuals (change text size, color options, etc.) and 2) its ability to manage the library (file structure, folders, search). I added a third criteria after researching that hadn’t come to mind but is now higher on the list, fast loading pages.

I ran into another issue though, I could not find a way to import any of my ebooks bought outside of the service (Kindle only took Kindle purchases, Google took Google, etc). Even all the third party apps I found either had a hard time with multiple formats, misread some formats, or failed at my first two criteria. I was even willing to convert the books I had to the native format of the reader, still no luck. Then someone on one of the forums pointed me to Nook.

Nook? I’ve always thought of the Nook as the feeble attempt to play catch-up with Kindle, or a poor substitute for the iPad or something. Didn’t even cross my mind to try it out, but I was desperate. Turns out it works pretty well and did what I needed it to do. In hind sight I shouldn’t be so surprised that the #3(?) player in the space would have a decent app. Once I converted my mobi files to epub files and dropped them into the Nook folder it read (and formatted) them correctly. It has good viewing options, file management, and fast loading pages. Not sure if it will be my go to app from now on, but in the short term it is surprisingly (to me) the best solution.

Probably only a matter of time till Kindle and Google Books get upgrades that puts them back on top for me, but for now I guess I’m a Nook guy.

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