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iAd Producer, finally

Apple finally launched software to help individuals and agencies to create rich media iAds. Apple launched iAd earlier in the year around the launch of iOS 4. Until now Apple forced advertisers to use its own services to produce campaign creative, with the launch of iAd Producer things will change. This is, of course, a response to low usage in iAd inventory that they should have done since the beginning. Apple, being Apple, wanted to control the quality of interactive ads that ran on their platform but it would seem like  actually running ads is more important than quality control at this point in time.

I installed iAd Producer this morning and played around with it a bit. I had an ad developed in less than an hour and was pretty impressed at how easy it was to manipulate the different aspects of the ad. If I flew through the tutorial I probably could have had the ad up in 15 minutes or so.

Opening Screen of iAd Producer

iAd Producer has a nice clean interface that lets you choose your platform from the start. I chose the iPhone just to keep things simple but definitely want to go back and play with the iPad options.

Layout shows all the panels

Here I get to layout all the “pages” of the ad. Simply clicking on each component allows me to go in and edit. Each view in iAd Producer allows you to pull in the appropriate material, from objects, to templates that are built in, to assets you add to your own library.

iAd Producer made it very easy to set up transitions, video and maps. There are a ton of other features to add as well as adding commands that interact with the accelerometer and gyroscope. I just put together the basics to show how easy it is to get up and running with video and maps.

Below is the ad just to show how good the HTML5 animations look, not the graphics I slapped in there…

OK, so mine is not as cool as the one below [Tron iPad iAd] but you can start to see how complex you will be able to get with these:

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