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Engauge Hot n’ Cold

I did this video for our agency Holiday Party [2008]. The goal was to one-up the video from the year before. I got a lot of positive response from the 2007 video so I thought I would keep it going. I tried to pick a more current song [at the time] and thought Hot n’ Cold was the perfect song to reflect how we [sometimes] feel about accounts. We actually liked working with all the clients shown in this video but it was funny [inside joke] how each one of them had their moments for us that fit with the song.

Couple of Technical Points:

  • There were a few throw-backs to the 2007 video. The gun, the clothes I’m wearing, etc.
  • This video was a little more difficult because no one knew what song it was. The people helping shoot and in the video didn’t know what song I was using or really what I was doing. I wanted the video to be as much of a surprise as possible.
  • The ending is an homage to the ending of Tropic Thunder [for those that don’t know].
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